Our History

As you make your way down our mysterious stairway and back hallway, you are stepping into a bit of history. Some old.....some not so old.

From both the inside and outside the Brazos Lofts building feels authentic.   Originally constructed in 1925, the Sutton Company completed the downtown Austin conversion in early 1999.  Each loft space is separated by a brick wall, with most of the units having original, narrow-plank hardwood floors. The Bar Bar and the Barber Shop are the ONLY tenants below street level. Click here to see what we were selling in 1948!

Once you successfully navigate our sneaky entrance (not all do), grab a cold beverage and head over to our iconic/original brick wall (est 1925). Inside our vintage, gold frame, you'll notice a few "kisses" on the wall. We're not really sure who left their mark or when? Was it during the early days of the building during Prohibition? Or, perhaps they were left more recently.....our space was once home to one of the most underground and exclusive gentlemen's clubs in Austin!!

One thing is for certain, these Hot Lips were left by a group of impatient ladies as they were lining up to use the powder room (there's always a line!!). It's up to you to decide if they were planted in 1925 or 2005!! Oh, IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK.......